Design sketches, pencils, samples, and inventory lists - and the occasional Barbie doll or crayon; that’s what you can expect when walking into Femke Speelman’s home office. Femke is a designer, a businesswoman and a mother. She never puts one thing above another and each define her equally.

While Femke Speelman is born to Dutch parents, and proudly carries her beautiful Dutch name, you might be tempted to call her a “world-citizen” before anything else. Much of her childhood was spent living outside Europe, and even today, Femke carries with her a strong desire to travel.

In 2011 Femke married a fellow Dutchman, who shared her passion for travel and adventure. Later the same year they moved to the UAE, where they live today, raising three beautiful little girls.

The Phemke brand was launched in the spring of 2016. From the very beginning her vision was clear; to create a fashion line that was ethically made, from only the highest quality natural materials, and at the heart of it all, she wanted to empower women, local communities and honor artisanal craftsmanship throughout the world.

Her appreciation for handcrafted items, together with her deep respect for their history and tradition, is one reason Phemke products come from such diverse sources, including; Bangladesh, Ecuador, Spain, India, Madagascar, Turkey, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

Femke’s vision for a sustainable brand is simple; if you can conduct business without harming the world and those around you, you should. And if you can give someone a hand-up along the way, then why wouldn’t you? If you ask her about this strong sense of responsibility, the conversation always circles back to her upbringing. Femke has never lost sight of the experiences and support she was given by her parents. Not only does she want to pass this spirit on to her own daughters; she wants to pay it forward to the global community.

Phemke is more than a brand; it is a mindset and a lifestyle. When you purchase a Phemke product, you get a piece of Femke – artistry, compassion and a traveler’s heart.